YouTube SEO Tips: Hurting Your Channel Growth?

There’s a lot of helpful advice to be found when it comes to YouTube SEO. However, there’s also a fair amount of videos that offer misinformation and just plain bad tips and advice. This video sets the record straight and is based on factual information taken directly from YouTube.

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  1. Lou Arnold - Youtuber Cristã says:

    Awesome sauce video. My favourite tip was number three about time. No one mentions it but you’re soooo right.

  2. Robert Roy says:

    That’s 2 videos now that I haven’t seen the “puff… pixie dust”. So what happened?

  3. crispycrazycard says:

    Loved the video and I enjoyed the tubebuddy stream as well! I liked that stream for future reference

  4. Blogging Guruji says:

    Hey Brian, You helped me to achieve 2,00,000 subscribers in 16 months in my old channel. You are great and informative. I get motivated and educated from your all videos. Well, i was following you since you had 1200 subscribers. Well, i am sharing this message because, Again i created new Channel in Indian HINDI language. So, I am again going to grow that new channel to grow my channel. Even, I am using white background videos like your old Videos. But, i need to learn more things but, i will learn it soon as time grows. Well, thanks MAN… Boomm BOOM BOOM…… Pixie DUST………

  5. johnjairo1978 says:

    I miss the ” pixie dust” 😉

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