WHITE HAT SEO AMA Session – Doc Sheldon (HTTPS migration)

In this second live white hat SEO “Ask me anything” (AMA) with Doc Sheldon and Nikolay Stoyanov we delve deep into the topic of HTTPS migration.

1. What is HTTPS and SSL?

2. Why did Google decide to push webmasters towards HTTPS in the first place?

3. What’s the deadline in October for? What if we don’t move to HTTPS till then?

4. Do I need to set something in Google Webmaster Console after I migrate?

5. How long will a move from HTTP to HTTPS take?

6. Will I see a drop in traffic? If yes, when should I expect it to return to normal?

7. What’s the SEO impact while migrating from HTTP to HTTPS?

8. Is there any issue while using free shared SSL?

9. What if I decided to remove SSL, will it affect my ranking and traffic?

10. How can I migrate to HTTPS properly?

11. What kind of certificate do I need for my business website?

12. What if I need to migrate to another SSL certificate provider? Will there be negative impact for my rankings? What’s the best way to migrate it?

13. Would there be a reason not to migrate a site to HTTPS at this point?

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