Page Speed For SEO Part3 – Nginx Varnish HTTPS PHP 7.1 Percona Install Tutorial

The page speed video series for white hat SEO will teach you the same techniques that I use to achieve sub 2 second page load times.

Fast page load is essential to be successful in 2018

Search engines like Google and Bing now use bounce rates as the main ranking factor.

Slow loading of websites is the number 1 cause of bounce rates.

So it makes sense that to succeed in 2018 you need to serve your web pages as fast as possible. sub 2-second page load is great, faster page speeds are even better.

This video today is part 3 of the page speed for white hat SEO and will focus on the installation of our server software, including Nginx, PHP 7.1, Varnish HTTPS, and Percona

To follow the complete tutorial which goes through the complete page speed tutorial and includes server setup with nginx, php7.1, Percona and Varnish SSL / https then follow the link below.

Page Speed for White Hat SEO

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