How to Learn SEO: My Secret Method For Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to learn SEO? SEO isn’t hard to learn, it just takes practice. And today I’m going to teach you how to get more Google traffic using SEO.
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In order to get good at SEO, you have to practice it. So create a website using WordPress and setup a blog. Make sure you pick a domain name as well.

Once it is setup, start blogging. You should be blogging about whatever topic you are passionate about.

From there you’ll want to install the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin allows you to change your meta tags as well as optimizes your WordPress blog for search engines.

Within your meta tags make sure you include your keywords. By placing the right keywords in your title tag you are more likely to rank for them.

In addition to adjusting your keywords, you will have to cross link your posts together. By cross linking them, they are more likely to get indexed.

Last but not least you will also have to build links. Go to, type in your competitor URLs and email out every site that links to them and ask them to link to you as well.

Over time you’ll see your rankings increase and you’ll get the hang of SEO.


  1. Don TEE says:

    When you say “linking with other sites” or “backlinks” does it just mean the other sites sharing your links on their social media platform or having your link on their site?

  2. Adeel Khan says:

    Neil, I have a question.

    How to write the content as I am having issues, I have been trying to create a post,. It took me more than 2 weeks.

    Any quick tips.

  3. Saad Ali Khan says:

    Nice info…

  4. frizel francis says:

    Hey Neil can you post a video about the recent updates in DM and how to deal with it?

  5. Dimitar Margaritov says:

    I got my first client just recently. My goal is to create a consulting company, but I am afraid I was practicing for longer than necessary. The problem is that clients will usually want to see a portfolio with a good ROI and it is hard, if not impossible to create something like this if you are just starting out or if you dont want to invest thousands upfront. I started learning SEO with a travel blog I launched at the time in 2014, but the problem was I was doing everything by myself and learning on the go and it got no where. However, I am thinking of revisiting this project soon now that my SEO skills and knowledge has greatly improved over the last couple of years and start rebuilding it again while hustling to build my consulting company or working in-house within an agency.

    • Dimitar Margaritov says:

      Thanks for the encouragement! My goal is to finish the current project this week then have this client on a monthly retainer and get few more clients by the end of the year.

    • Neil Patel says:

      You can do it! You don’t have to have case studies. Worse case just charge less and get a few clients in the door. Or do some free work for some people.

      Keep at it and it can work out.

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