How to Fight Negative SEO Live On YouTube

How to Fight Negative SEO Live On YouTube – see our Google map of IP’s you should think about blocking! –

1:40 Why IP With No Hostname Are A Bigger Threat
2:40 Setting “Forbidden Files”
3:18 Easy network blocks
5:45 Why can google read my robots.TXT?
6:30 Robots.txt permissions 644 and 777
8:00 My own host is attacking me?
8:30 Project Supremact Sucks
9:20 DDOS’ing Pretty Link Pro
11:00 Switching To A Meta Refresh
13:15 Adding Google Anylitics To Your Pretty Link Pro
16:40 Herc Magnus and Todd Spears can sucks my balls
17:40 Stopping your server from suting down your firewall because it’s attacking itself
19:30 Switching the path and redirect type
22:10 Tooting My Own Horn
23:40 #2 for Project Supremacy
24:45 #1 and #2 for Project Supremacy Reviews
26:30 Google map of attacking IPS –


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